Investments and transactions usually lead to tax exposures

Through advanced planning and structuring, we can provide effective tax solutions in arranging your new or existing investments and ventures, whether business or private.

Our Tax Services


Tax is another business cost that can be managed. A tax optimised organisation can grow faster and deliver bigger after-tax returns to its shareholders. We provide a broad range of tax advisory services to international businesses and high net worth individuals.

We can support you on the following:

  • Adopting a suitable structure for new investments, transactions, and operations
  • Restructuring existing investments or operations for tax efficiency
  • Using a Cyprus company in an international structure or as a standalone entity
  • Identifying the tax implications of investments and other transactions
  • International tax structuring and coordination with foreign jurisdictions
  • Utilizing Double Tax Treaties and the EU Directives
  • Due diligence reporting prior to the acquisition of a business
  • Migration of companies into/out of Cyprus.
  • Exploiting the Cypriot Intellectual Property Tax Regime


We can assist you comply with constantly changed laws and regulations while at the same time bring tax savings or help to manage tax risks

We can support you on the following:

  • Registration with the tax and VAT authorities
  • Calculation and payment of tax liabilities
  • Preparation and submission of corporate and personal tax returns
  • Act on your behalf in front of the tax authorities and handle objections/assessments
  • Obtain tax clearance and tax residence certificates
  • Preparation of capital statements
  • Preparation and submission of VAT and VIES Returns
  • initial entity analysis to determine classification under CRS or FATCA and completion of CRS and FATCA self-certification forms

Private Clients

In the current business environment, there is significant attention on the disclosure, reporting, and taxation of international assets. Various countries are introducing anti-avoidance rules and over-complicated structures are scrutinized. Your business decisions may affect your private life and family wealth.

We can help you preserve and extend your wealth by creating effective tax planning strategies and taking advantage of important tax benefits and mitigating potential tax liabilities for your business, private assets or heirs.

We can assist you to:

  • Hold your business interests and investments in flexible tax efficient structured
  • Pass on your wealth to your heirs the way you want in a tax efficient manner
  • Protect and preserve your wealth through trusts
  • Consider Cyprus tax residency or passport scheme to create a Plan B and expand your options
  • Facilitate your relocation to Cyprus and your qualification under the Cypriot non-dom regime

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