New Tax Guidelines for Health Insurance Premium Contributions

The Department of Taxation has issued a new circular (3/2024) providing clear guidance on the tax treatment of premium contributions to Health Insurance Plans from individuals and employers covering their employees. These are the key highlights of the Circular:

Income Tax Exemption:

    • According to Article 9(1)(g) of the Income Tax Law, there is an exemption from taxable income for the annual contributions made by individuals and employers to approved Health Insurance Plans.
    • Article 14(5) allows for an exemption from special contributions on such premium contributions.

Applicable Plans and Granting of Exemption:

    • Health Insurance Plans covered under this provision are designed to cover medical expenses for employees and their families.
    • From the tax year 2023, the following provisions apply:
      • Tax deduction of up to 1.5% of the gross income of individuals for their contributions to approved plans.
      • Employers may also claim deductions for their contributions to such plans up to 1.5% of the employee’s gross income.

Tax Years from 2024 Onwards:

    • Continued tax exemptions for both employer and employee contributions.
    • Deduction limits set at 2% of the employee’s gross income.
    • Exemption applies to the total premium contributions made annually.

Eligibility for Exemption:

    • The exemption applies to contributions covering medical expenses for both current and retired employees.
    • The tax exemption also extends to benefits provided in-kind by employers, provided these do not exceed 50% of the total premium contribution.

Single Employer Contributions:

    • If an employer contributes more than 50% towards an employee’s health insurance premium:
      • The employer can claim a tax deduction for the entire amount paid.
      • The employee receives an in-kind benefit that is also exempt from tax up to 50% of the total premium.

Income Excluded from Exemption Calculation:

    • Exemptions do not apply to income from dividends, interest, or rental income not subject to income tax.
    • It does not apply to amounts deducted as personal contributions.

Important Notes:

  • These guidelines are effective from the 2023 tax year and continue into subsequent years.
  • The circular does not apply to closed tax cases. For unresolved issues, taxpayers are advised to consult the Department of Taxation.

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