Cyprus Now Offers Paid Leave from Day One for Employees

Fixing an Unfair Paid Leave System

Cyprus has recently made a change, giving employees the right to paid leave starting from their first day at work. This new law fixes an old problem where employees had to work for 13 weeks with the same employer to get paid leave, which didn’t match EU rules.

Changing the Law and Getting Approval

The Cyprus Ministry of Labor, Welfare, and Social Insurance came up with changes to the Annual Leave with Pay Law. The Central Leave Fund Council, which includes people from employers, employees, and the government, all agreed on the changes. The House of Representatives made it official on April 6, 2023.

Better Treatment and Following EU Rules

This new law makes things fairer for employees and makes sure Cyprus follows EU rules. The change helps Cyprus avoid any trouble or penalties that could happen if they didn’t follow the rules. In the end, this update to the law creates a fairer and more balanced work environment, which is good for both employees and employers in the country.

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