Individual’s Rates of Tax in Cyprus

Individuals are subject to the following progressive personal income tax rates:

Taxable Income

Tax Rate


Cumulative tax

0 – 19.5000nil
19.501 – 28.000201.700
28.001 – 36.300253.775
36.301 – 60.0003010.885
Over 60.00135

Certain incomes are exempt from income tax but may be taxable under Special Defence Contribution (SDC) or other forms of taxation.

Special forms of taxation

  • Foreign pension income is taxed at the flat rate of 5% on amounts over €3.420.
  • Cyprus source widow(er)’s pension is taxed at the flat rate of 20% on amounts over €19.500.

Instead of the flat tax rates shown above, the taxpayer can elect on an annual basis to be taxed at the normal tax rates shown above.

Cyprus Income Tax Calculator

You can utilize the calculator below to calculate your annual tax based on your annual taxable income. Taxable income is derived after taking into account the various tax exemptions and allowances provided in the Income Tax Law.

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